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Kino Brasil celebrates! This year, the Prague Brazilian Film Festival will celebrate ten years. At the end of 2013, we embarked on the project with the hope that in the fall of the following year we would be able to organize a few interesting screenings and bring a bit of Brazilian flair to the gloomy Prague autumn.


It was only our secret wish that the Kino Brasil festival could become an important pillar of the meeting of the Portuguese-speaking community and kindred spirits, as well as a refreshment and eventually a permanent fixture of the Prague cultural scene!


In ten years of existence, the wish has become a reality! And so this year we will celebrate what we have already achieved with your support, including the fact that we are still fresh and have a lot of energy for at least the next ten years!

We look forward to seeing you from 1st to 5th November as always at Bio Oko. Come to freshen up with us!

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Kino Brasil is organised by Saudade, an association of enthusiasts who fell in love with Brazil. For eight years we have been closely following Brazilian cinematography and have been carefully choosing the best films to screen in November at the cinema Bio Oko. We try to present the films in the broader context of Brazilian culture, gastronomy and political-economic situations.

The Kino Brasil film festival, which we dreamed and built from the first edition, is and always will be a matter of the heart for us. It represents both the result and the source of our energy. We hope that in the nine years of its existence it has become a source of energy and knowledge for you too, and a place to meet like-minded acquaintances and new friends.


We have always financed the festival as much as we could, gradually cutting some ideas due to budget, thanking friends working well below market rates, but always preparing the festival and bringing the best of what was made in Brazil to the Czech Republic. Unfortunately, some of our usual sources of public funding have fallen through, so now we're figuring out where to save money on the festival. If you would like to make the decision easier and support the festival, this year we have decided to create QR codes for donations of 200, 500 and 1000 crowns. Alternatively, you are free to send us money directly to our bank account, number 2700638194/2010. From the public fundraising, we hope that despite the fundraising challenges, we won't need to compromise on quality and we still manage to bring the best Brazilian films.

We understand that the situation of many of you is not the easiest after years of pandemic and this year's high inflation, so do not take this appeal as an obligation, but rather as an opportunity for people who have the desire and the possibility to support us financially. And if you don't have that opportunity, but still want to support us, share our fundraising campaign and come and see any (or all) of our films in person this year and enjoy the ninth edition of Kino Brasil!

Thank you for all the support, we really appreciate it and we look forward to seeing you at Bio Oko!
Kino Brasil team

Petra Pojerová

Petra Pojerová

Project manager
+420 605 951 120

Zuzka Kochová

Zuzana Kochová

Marketing and social media, shipping


Gábi Šmaiclova

Gabriela Šmaiclová

Dramaturgy, subtitles
+420 777 900 449

Tomáš Stiborek

Tomáš Stiborek


Romana Komárková

Romana Komárková

+420 724 588 570

Irena Melounová

Irena Melounová

PR, web pages
+420 731 407 784


Barbora Kovářová


Belinda 1




Kino Brasil project is funded by the Czech Ministry of Culture, City of Prague and Prague 7 City District.

Thank you!

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