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Um animal amarelo

Director: Felipe Bragança

Camera: Glauco Firpo

Starring: Higor Campagnaro, Isabél Zuaa, Catarina Wallenstein, Matamba Joaquim, Thiago Lacerda, Adriano Luz, Diogo Dória, Márcio Vito

Year: 2020

Length: 115 min

In the original version (PT)

with English and Czech subtitles

animal yellow.jpg

Um animal amarelo

Immerse yourself in a wonderful world of memories, cursed legacies and fantastic metaphorical images of a Brazilian director who, on his way to fulfil his dream of making a film true to his own ideas, leaves his native Brazil and travels following his distant roots to Mozambique and Portugal. Even the director, Felipe Bragança, toured both Lusophone countries during the preparations for the film, and the filming was realized from the very beginning as a Brazilian-Portuguese co-production. The director leaves the viewer guessing if he is telling an autobiographical story, and if the main character Fernando is his edgier alter ego. Is the film so profound that only a true connoisseur will see through it, and will it turn out well in the end? This original metafilm, full of Lusophone contexts, impress its uniqueness and explicit critique of the current Brazilian situation, in which making independent movies is incredibly challenging. In this film, historical contexts are revisited, such as the legacy of centuries of slavery. The film was screened at the Rotterdam Film Festival and won a total of 5 awards at the Gramado Festival in 2020, including the award for Best Actress, Isabel Zuaa, and Best Screenplay.

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