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Rasga coração

Director: Jorge Furtado

Camera: Glauco Firpo

Starring: Chay Suede, João Pedro Zappa, Marco Ricca, Luisa Arraes, Nélson Diniz

Year: 2018

Length: 113 min

In the original version (PT)

with English and Czech subtitles


Rasga coração

In the movie Rend Your Heart, the director Jorge Furtado deals with a generational conflict and the constant struggle associated with it. Whether it is a struggle for democracy, human rights or just a seemingly ordinary struggle for true love, for each generation its struggle is the most important. But can parents who grew up under a military dictatorship understand the new challenges their children face in their lives? And what about the young generation, can they admit that, thanks to the defiance of their parents, they can now protest for equality, environmental justice, or other current political issues? The film shows the Brazilian reality demonstrating the transformation of the defiance of the teenage generation, but also the first steps into the forbidden zones that are common to them. The film is marked by a great performance of actor Marco Ricca, who ingeniously permeates contemporary shots in the role of a father. His younger self, portrayed by Joa Zappa, appears in retrospective spaces, which are central to the script, and which gradually and ingeniously reveal to us at precisely the right moment. The entries of George Sauma in the supporting role of the quirky bohemian, Lord Bundinha, are also excellent. The breathtaking soundtrack, often "live", is cleverly interwoven into the fabric of the film, highlighting the joys and tensions we experience with the characters. 

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