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Como nossos pais

Director: Laís Bodanzky

Camera: Pedro J. Márquez

Starring: Maria Ribeiro, Annalara Prates, Clarisse Abujamra

Year: 2017

Length: 102 min

In the original version (PT)

with English and Czech subtitles

como nossos pais.jpg

Como nossos pais

Rosa is completely overwhelmed by her life - frustrating work, teenage daughters, a man scarcely present, a quirky mother… and her dreams not coming true anytime soon. In the grip of family and work conflicts, she has to face an extraordinary phase of her life, when suddenly everything seems too far from the perfection she dreamed of. With all this happening, she also learns some fundamental facts that will change her perception of herself and the world around her. In this film, we follow an imaginary journey towards the understanding of what is the most important in life.. With constant learning, the stressful tension gradually eases. Just Like Our Parents touches on universal themes that each of us will encounter sooner or later in life. The protagonist Maria Ribeiro put her heart into her role making the story look very organic and feel very real. Director Laís Bodansky, who invited her husband Luis Bolognesi to co-write the screenplay, connects, in a cleverly, mature and sensitive way, the complexity of the plot, which is centred around a bittersweet existence. 

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