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A Última Floresta

Director: Luiz Bolognesi

Cinematography: Pedro J. Márquez

Starring: Davi Kopenawa, Daucirene Yanomami, Ehuana Yaira Yanomami, Genésio Yanomami

Year: 2021

Length: 74 min

Original version (Yanomami)

with English and Czech subtitles

and ultima floresta.jpg

A última floresta

The forest is a living organism which the Indigenous people feel a part of. The forest is the last refuge of ancient wisdom and understanding of the world. It is worth protecting and passing on. However, this semi-documentary does not try to persuade anyone, it is not a desperate call for help as to the fate of the forest. It is the most recent insight into the current forest, where we are exposed to the impact of the loosening of legislation, the return of gold diggers and poisoned rivers and the worry this brings, and we are also exposed to personal sufferings, which interweave with the myths in the story. The camera integrates with the nature and dwellings of the Indigenous people and captures their natural fluency in their existence in nature. The screenplay comes from two writers: anthropologist and film director Luiz Bolognesi, combined his experience with the wisdom of the shaman, writer and political leader of the Yanomami Indigenous people, Davi Kopenawa, who also plays a lead role. In addition to the roots, traditions and legends staged by the Indigenous peoples themselves, we see Davi's struggle for the protection and survival of his people. A film made at a time when circumstances in Brazil do not favour Indigenous citizens nor filmmakers, the film is made with respect for the indigenous tribe and without unnecessary idealization of life in the rainforest. The message of the film goes beyond the story itself and becomes a quiet but firm defiance. The film won the award for the best film in the Panorama section at this year's Berlinale. 

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