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Depois da Chuva.jpg

Depois da chuva

1984, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. It all starts with a feeling that anything is possible. After twenty years of dictatorship, the population goes out onto the streets to demand presidential elections. The emerging political process has given them a new sense of freedom. Caio, a free-thinking teenager, is struggling against authority both at home and at school. The year will be a very special one for him and his fellow anarchists; especially for him, since he's just met Fernanda, his first love. It's a transitional year for the young: a time of learning and growing up. But life isn't always good, and fate has surprises in store, for both the country and for Caio.



A gritty 1960s cop drama about LAPD detective Sam Hodiak and his trainee, who must deal with gangs, brutal crimes, changing times, family crises and unhinged manipulative small-time crook Charles Manson, who's slowly building his cult.



The last days and last hours of Marco Archer, best known for his alias ‘Curumim,’ the first Brazilian to be sentenced to death for drug trafficking after being captured by the Thai police on an island in the outskirts of Bali, an Indonesian territory.

Big jato.jpg

Big Flock

The rite of passage from youth that has poetry as its guiding light, and prose as its basis.



Dry fish and in a spacesuit? What is this mystery? Brazilian cartoon series. Screenings for children and parents. Selected 4 parts will be screened: The Case of the Unknown Animal, The Case of the Mysterious Singing, The Case of the Little Big Friends and The Case of the Yellow Wings.

Mãe só há uma

Mãe Só Há Uma

An overly anxious mother takes care of a completely normal teenager, Pierre and his younger sister, after his father's death. However, one day, police detectives visit him and eventually take his mother in handcuffs to the car. Pierre discovers that he lived in one great illusion for seventeen years. Director Anna Muylaert goes, as in her penultimate film When Mom Will She Return ?, into distorted family relationships where children have to face their own parents.

Ate que a Sborna nos separe.jpg

Até que a Sbórnia nos separe

The animated grotesque Until Sbornie Divides Us tells an allegorical story that is precisely targeted at today's burning issues, when building walls is becoming a political leitmotif and international borders are slowly losing their original meaning.

unknown Brasil - Elizabeth Salgado (Rive

About Brasil Não Divulgado

Director Elizabeth Rocha Salgado can create documentaries that are well received by audiences, even if they sometimes show too difficult and sad a reality. Probably because they combine her highly professional view with an appeal to humanity. We will screen four short documentaries: Childbirth, The Cursed soap operas, On the verge of collapse and The River of Death.

Espaço Além - Marina Abramović e o Brasi

Espaço Além - Marina Abramović eo Brasil

Marina Abramović is one of the most important conceptual artists, who often works with her body and transcendental energy. Together with Marco Del Fiola's film crew, Marina Abramović embarks on a personal spiritual journey throughout Brazil, in which she not only learns about the limits of her own perception, but also reveals the spiritual aspects of contemporary and ancient Brazil. These mix both shamanic rituals and various offshoots of Christian customs.

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