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Director: Andre Sigwalt, Augusto Soares

Script: Andre Sigwalt, Augusto Soares

Cinematography: Andre Sigwalt

Stars: Daniel Rocha, Tony Lee, Tristan Aronovich, Ravel Andrade, Natallia Rodrigues, David Wendefilm...

Year: 2022

Runtime: 104 min


Original version with English

and Czech subtitles

About Mestre da Fumaca.jpg

The Smoke Master is an action-packed film inspired by 1960s Hong Kong cinema, as well as a stoner comedy in the style of alternative American films from the end of the last century. Two brothers and their kung fu friends must confront the Chinese mafia and end the curse on their family through a "three-generational revenge." It seems that their only hope is to penetrate the secrets of the Smoke Master’s rare teachings. His unique fighting style relies on inhaling cannabis smoke into the lungs. Those who master it are unbeatable. This unusual combination of kung fu and smoking weed features intense fight scenes and a Marley-esque message of goodness. It is a completely independent Brazilian production written and directed by the duo André Sigwalt and Augusto Soares. This film, starring Brazilian actor Daniel Rocha and Chinese actor Tony Lee, has received several awards worldwide in the past year.

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