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Director: Wagner Moura

Camera: Adrian Teijido

They play: Hey JorgeAdrian EstevesBruno GagliassoHumberto CarrãoCharles Paraventi

Year: 2019

Duration: 155 min

In the original sound

with Czech and English subtitles


In 2013, when the Brazilian elite film star Wagner Moura (known to international viewers mainly as Pablo Escobar from Narcos) came up with the idea of putting himself behind the camera for the first time and making a film about a man who gave his life in the name of freedom for his country, he had no idea how the political situation in his country and the world would evolve or what obstacles he would encounter. The role of the Brazilian revolutionary and "Brazil's number one enemy" Marighella, based on a real historical figure, was assumed by actor and singer Seu Jorge, another star and controversial figure on the Brazilian cultural scene. Just as Moura and Jorge found their homes in Los Angeles, the film was first shown far beyond Brazil's borders-at the Berlinale in 2019. It had to wait another two years for its screening in Brazilian cinemas. In the meantime, it has stirred up a storm of controversy among supporters and opponents of the Bolsonaro regime. The parallels between the military dictatorship in Brazil (1964-1985) and the current political situation were unmissable and indeed unwelcome. Bureaucracy was supposed to be the reason for the postponement of the film's release, but some are talking about targeted censorship. The film became the target of criticism, and boycott efforts and its page in the international film database was suddenly flooded with a huge barrage of negative reviews. This year, however, the film finally entered Brazilian film competitions and received nominations in several categories, which it turned into many awards, including Best Picture. We are in Brazil in the 1960s,where a military coup has just taken place and a right-wing dictatorship has seized power. Marighella, a fighter for freedom and human rights, leaves his wife and son behind to lead the guerrilla resistance. Watching Marighella's life, we can empathize with the feelings of injustice, despair, courage, determination, undying resistance and the desire for freedom worth sacrificing for. The viewer should expect a realistic depiction of the brutality of the regime.

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