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Hotel Fortaleza

Director: Armando Praca

Camera: Heloísa Passos

They play: Yeong-ran Lee, Clebia Sousa

Year: 2021

Length: 77 min

In the original sound

with Czech and English subtitles

hotel fortaleza_poster.png

Pilar is about to start a new life in Dublin. She wants to leave everything behind, her job at the Fortaleza Hotel, her teenage daughter and her boyfriend. Just as she is about to reach her dream, her path crosses with Shin, a South Korean woman who has come to Brazil to retrieve her late husband’s body. One longs to leave, the other longs to stay. Although they are each completely different, the two women suddenly face life's great difficulties and tune into each other on a wave of deep understanding and compassion. We take a glimpse into the reality of some of the neighborhoods in contemporary Brazilian metropolises where survival is at stake. Where life can turn upside down from one minute to the next. The main characters find themselves trapped by their own destinies, even though their desire and determination are immense. Both actresses convincingly lend an unwavering solidity to their characters. They turn them into the bravest fighters. South Korean actresses Lee Young-Lan won the Silver Bear at the Berlinale for her performance in the film. The film works precisely with the depiction of a newly emerging relationship. It doesn't hide anything, but it doesn't pathetically underline anything either. Armando Praça is deservedly becoming another of the standout directors of independent film in the Brazilian Northeast.

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