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Ela e eu

Director: Gustavo Rosa de Moura

Camera: Barbara Alvarez

They play: Thiago Campos Amaral, Flavio Bauraqui, Andrea Beltrão

Year: 2021

Length: 102 min

In the original sound

with Czech and English subtitles.

she and I_she e eu_poster.jpg

Twenty years have passed since rock singer Bia fell into a coma while giving birth. Meanwhile, her husband has fallen in love again and has a new wife, her daughter is studying neurology, and everyone is in a daily routine of taking care of her at home. Bia suddenly wakes up. And she has to learn everything again-to walk, to understand words and to focus her gaze. To what extent will such an event affect the stable relationships in the family? A film set in the scenery of Rio de Janeiro explores how fragile humans are and how happiness depends on our loved ones. And you don't necessarily have to be the one coming out of a coma! Director Gustavo Rosa de Moura, whose career has mostly been devoted to documentary filmmaking, has made a film that will move us, warm us and make us laugh. The actors immerse themselves in their roles with unwavering conviction. The script from the director's hand subtly evokes powerful emotions in us, while Bia gradually learns to live a full life and the other characters adapt to their new life situation.

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