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Director: Tiago Arakilian

Camera: Leonardo Vasconcellos

Stars: Kathia Calil , José de Abreu , Eucir de Souza

Year: 2018

Length: 1h 35min

In the original version

with English and Czech subtitles


Antes Que Eu Me Esqueça

Have you ever thought about what you will do if the "German who always hides things" visits you once? Alzheimer disease completely turns upside down the life of Polidoro, a deserving judge from Rio, who, to the amazement of his entire family and neighbours from Copacabana, invests in his future. He decides to become owner of a local strip club. The comedy drama Before I Forget will provide a refined insight into the difficult life situations that we may one day have to face ourselves. The film has won many international awards and starred several famous actors in Brazilian cinema, led by José de Abreu in the role of Polidoro.

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