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Director: Bruno Murtinho

Camera: Jacques Cheuiche

Stars: Sebastião Tapajós, Gina Lobrista, Waldo Squash and others

Year: 2018

Length: 1h 25min


In the original version

with English and Czech subtitles


Amazonia Groove

The documentary Amazonia Groove brings us on a film wave to the Amazon and from the very first shot it draws us not only into the beautiful natural scenery, but also into its backstage. The film introduces us to a wide range of local musicians, musical genres and folk dances, where the traditional musical styles such as Boi Bumbá mix with super modern ones such as Tecnobrega in the musical taste of the natives. Let's get together and listen to the rhythms swaying on the waves of the longest river in the world!


To make the most of the documentary, we have prepared for you an introduction to Brazilian music. You will be introduced to the Brazilian music by our loyal collaborator and tireless supporter, musician and Brazilian music specialist Milan Tichý.

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