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Director: Gil Baroni

Cinematography: Renato Ogata

Stars: Anna Celestino Mota, Emmanuel Rosset a další

Rok: 2019

Lenght: 1h 27min

In Portuguese with English and Czech subtitles


Alice Júnior

Remember that tingling in your lower abdomen before your first kiss? Come and remember all those feelings associated with the first love in the story of Alice Junior, a young youtuber who has to move with her dad from the warm Brazilian north to the colder south of Brazil and start attending a conservative Catholic school. In addition to puberty, she is currently undergoing a difficult gender reassignment and so finding herself in a new Catholic school and meeting new classmates is not an easy task. Alice tells us all the experiences through short videos that she publishes on social networks. Thanks to them, we can see the life of a teenage girl up close and compare the virtual world of media with reality.

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