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Director: Celia Catunda, Kiko Mistrorigo

Year: 2021

Length: 92 min

In the original version (PT)

with English and Czech subtitles + Czech simultaneous dubbing for the little ones (headphones)



A wonderful animated film about little girl, Tarsilinha, takes viewers of all ages to a realm of fantasy, which enlivens many emblematic paintings of the famous Brazilian modernist painter Tarsila do Amaral. This illustrated film pays homage to this great woman of the Brazilian modernist movement and to her extensive and still current work. The painter portrayed figures of Brazilian mythology and fairy tales in many paintings, and in this film they come to life and meet little Tarsilinha on her search for stolen objects to restore her mother's memory. We will screen the movie in its European premiere just a few months before the centenary of São Paulo's Modern Art Week, which radically opened doors to a completely new aesthetic and a reflection on what it is to be Brazilian and what is Brazilian. This animated film is definitely not just for families with children. We believe that it will delight lovers of animated movies, art historians and beyond. 

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