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Director: Alê Abreu

Script: Alê Abreu, Viviane Guimarães

Animation: Sandro Cleuzo

Voices: Lorenzo Tarantelli, Giulia Benite, Stênio Garcia, Nill Marcondes, Rosa Rosah.

Year: 2022

Runtime: 75 min


Original version with English subtitles and Czech simultaneous translation (into headphones to borrow for first 100 spectators)


Another animated feature film from the talented and acclaimed Alê Abreu (the author of the successful film The Boy and the World). The Perlimps once again prove that a good animated fairy tale, including its final moral, doesn't have to be just for children. In Perlimps, we are introduced to the characters Claé and Bruó, who wander through the Enchanted Forest in search of "perlimps", magical beings that help humans escape from evil giants. Both main characters are stylized as agents on a secret mission to save the forest. Claé comes from the Kingdom of the Sun and Bruó from the Kingdom of the Moon. Claé resembles a fox, highly progressive and tech-savvy. On the other hand, Bruó, resembling a bear, represents spiritual and fairy tale attributes. The film's immense asset lies in its stunning scenery, showcasing the beauty of Brazil. The metaphor of a world divided into two hostile halves that must find a complex path towards each other reflects the current polarization (not only) in Brazilian society. Through the two main characters, the film emphasizes the importance of values such as mutual understanding, cooperation, friendship, and the enduring hope for a peaceful life in our everyday lives. Additionally, the film touches on ecological themes, depicting the dark side of technological progress as it leads to the destruction of the Enchanted Forest.

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