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Director: Marcelo Gomes

Script: Gustavo Campos, Marcelo Gomes, Armando Praça

cinematography: Pierre de Kerchove

Stars: Kika Sena, Patricia Dawson, Samya De Lavor, Márcio Flecher, Anita de Souza Macedo...

Year: 2022

Runtime: 104 min


Original version with English

and Czech subtitles


The visually stunning film by seasoned Brazilian director Marcelo Gomes tells an extraordinary story inspired by true events. Paloma was born a man but is a woman. She lives with her partner and six-year-old daughter in the countryside, has dark skin, and through hard work on a papaya plantation, she saves up for her biggest dream - a wedding in a church. The inhospitable environment gradually reveals itself in the edges of the shots and in the sounds, but she rises above the angry outbursts. However, as she gets closer to fulfilling her dream of the most beautiful day and walking down the aisle, the world around her veers towards absurd cruelty. The film conveys the oppression Paloma experiences, but also her passionate love, innocence, and kindness. It shows a gentle person in a brutal world who, despite all adversity and injustice, continues to look forward. The director filmed everything with great respect, without showcasing pain. Furthermore, the film experience is enhanced by the performance of the lead actress, Kika Sena, a transgender actress for whom this role is her first experience in film. She fully immersed herself in the character and penetrated the film to such an extent that the creators decided to change the film's title from Vestido branco, véu e grinalda (White Dress, Veil, and Wreath) to Paloma.

Wednesday November 1st, at 8.30 PM

in Bio Oko + opening ceremony

Saturday November 4th, at 5.15 PM

in Bio Oko + debate on the topic of current situation of LGBTQ+ minorities in Brazil

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