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Medida provisiória

Directed by: Lázaro Ramos 

Camera: Adrian Teijido

They play: Alfred EnochWilliam RussellHey JorgeAdrian EstevesTaís Araújo

Year: 2020

Length: 94 min

In the original sound

with English and Czech subtitles

medida provisoria.png

Based on a successful theatre play, Lazaro Ramos' directorial debut is a challenging and relentless critique of the ills of Brazilian society and an absurdist nightmare of a dystopian future. What is possible when the wrong person holds power? "Medida provisória", the title of the film, is a legal measure in Brazil that can be issued from minute to minute and only by the country's president. The order takes on a horror image in the film-all those with African ancestral blood in their veins will be 'returned' to Africa-whatever the cost. We follow this intervention into the lives of Capitú, a doctor, and Antonio, a lawyer who dreams of sanctifying their love through the birth of a child, and Antonio's brother André. Who will hold out and fight back? Who will succumb? The film, which in its execution brought together the most celebrated names of contemporary Black Brazilian artists, loudly warns that they will not give in. That the land belongs to them as much as to others. Without mercy, the film opens up the painful subject of slavery's past and racism. The stellar cast (Taís Araújo, Alfie Enoch, Seu Jorge) masterfully inhabit their roles, but despite the emotional charge, the film also paradoxically makes us laugh. Most importantly, it makes us think about many things. Like the film Marighella, Executive Order was met with resistance from supporters of President Bolsonaro in Brazil and delays in allowing distribution in the country by state authorities. During this wait, it was shown at many festivals around the world, where it garnered enthusiastic reviews and positive critical acclaim. Despite efforts to boycott the film, it was released in movie theaters in Brazil this year and sold out immediately.

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