Director: André Novais Oliveira

Cinematography: Wilssa Esser

Stars: Grace Passô, Russo Apr,

Rejane Faria

Year: 2018

Runtime: 113 min

Original version with Czech

and English subtitles



From the countryside to the urban jungle. Juliana is determined to start over. With a new, trivial and poorly paid job, new friends and brighter tomorrows are coming. A journey into the ordinary yet evolving life of one woman, it captures the reality of women’s lives across Brazil. She has dark skin and a broken heart. She is fragile. And she emanates something that one must like her for it. Young director André Novais Oliveira has managed to capture the window into the lives of today's young people, who are actually not special in any way. The careful portrait of Juliana’s inner self performed by Grace Passô, who participated in the screenplay, won the Best Actress Award at the Torino Film Festival.

Thursday, October 31, 6.00 pm, Bio Oko

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