Director: Tiago Melo

Cinematography: Gustavo Pessoa

Stars:  Valmir do Côco, Joana Gatis, Mestre Barachinha

Year: 2018

Runtime: 80 min

Original verision with Czech and English subtitles


Azougue Nazaré

In a small town in Pernambuco, Brazil, a group of Afro-Brazilian maracatu supporters is getting ready for the upcoming carnival. Devil, that’s what the evangelical pastor sees in traditional rhythms, dances and rituals. The camera peculiarly captures the diversity of culture, which has been growing through generations and the expanding modern church. Brazil, depicted in its pure wildness and ingenuity, Brazil with its own dose of mysticism. The authenticity of joyful fiction is guaranteed by actors-non-actors coming from the existing group of maracatu. The film won the main prize at the Rotterdam Film Festival and at the Ostrava Kamera Oko.

Friday, November 1, 6.30 pm, Bio Oko

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