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Director: Sergio Machado

Script: Maria Camargo, Milton Hatoum, Sergio Machado

Cinematography: Adrian Teijido

Stars: Coco Chiarella, Jorge Paz, Rômulo Braga...

Year: 2022

Runtime: 107 min


Original version with English and Czech subtitles

About Rio de Desejo_Poster.png

An Amazonian drama full of passion with the fatefulness of a Greek tragedy. Anaíra and Dalberto fall in love with each other, and love transforms their lives. They buy a boat, earning a living by transporting passengers along the river, and live together in a house with Dalberto's two brothers. However, when Dalberto is forced to embark on a shady business venture that promises future financial security, forbidden desires begin to emerge. In his absence, the brothers' affection for the enchanting Anaíra becomes evident. The visual aspect of the film takes on the role of the main narrator in moments of silence, hints, and unspoken yet consuming emotions. The backdrop of the Amazon, with its untamed wildlife, goes hand in hand with the escalating desire that can hardly be concealed. However, the story is not dependent on time and space; it primarily unfolds within the inner world of the characters. How can the story of three brothers who love the same woman end?

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